Eliza Milewicz

Eliza Milewicz, leveraging an illustrious career in premier pharmaceutical corporations, has undertaken the role of CEO at SyVento. Her substantial tenures at industry leaders including Hasco-Lek S.A., Heel, AstraZeneca, and Abbott have bestowed upon her a comprehensive understanding and an expansive set of experiences, now serving as crucial pillars in her current position.

In her past roles as the Director of International Market Development at Bioton S.A. and Business Partner at Sci-Tech, Science and Technology sub-investment fund, Milewicz solidified her industry acumen and cultivated crucial management competencies, essential for strategizing and steering organizations within the complex biotechnological sector.

Now, as the appointed CEO of SyVento, she embarks on the challenge of shaping the company into a proficient player in the biotech sector. Amidst global competition, her mandate is to align the organization towards an innovative and efficient managerial approach to meet the dynamic demands of the global biotech services landscape.